Whether festival, gala or private event - on request you can book me with these pieces.


Mr. Moe - Sitting on a Fence

„Sitting on a fence“ is an engagement with the human issue of undecideness. The theme touches mostly everybody and allows the audience to identify theireselves in the act. The ambivalent mixture of an dramatic topic shown in a humorist way is promising a cheerful and pithy evening.


Mr. Moe - Floppy Ropes

„Floppy Rope“ 12 min long multidisciplinary piece. Showing diverse impulses and upcoming ideas from the elaboration Floppy Ropes seems to be chaotic. A closer look reveals a fixed frame of movement quality, style, rhythm and theme. As many ideas influencing this piece as many ways there are to read it. What do you see?



This piece works with the most elementally aspects of contemporary circus: body, movement and shapes are in the focus of the production.